Suspected Cancer Referral

Salford CCG is in the process of reviewing the letter which GPs hand to patients when they are being referred on a Suspected Cancer Referral. We would like to get the views of people who live and work in Salford, especially those who have experienced using or working in cancer services in the last 12 months.

Over recent months there has been an increase in the number of patients cancelling their first appointment following a Suspected Cancer Referral. To facilitate attendance at this appointment, the leaflet (below) has been updated and will be given to each patient during the consultation prior to the referral.

We are altering the name these referrals, which have historically been known as two week waits (2WWs). The national drive to have a first outpatient appointment target of 7 days now requires us to use the more applicable Suspected Cancer Referral (SCR).

Can you help us to ensure this letter is written in the right way so it conveys how important it is for patients to attend their first appointment?

  1. Do you agree Suspected Cancer Referral is the best wording for this type of referral?
  2. Do you think the letter is easy to understand?
  3. Is the letter engaging and easy to read?
  4. Does the letter give you the information needed?
  5. What changes would you make if necessary?

Click here to download the suspected Cancer Referral letter

Click here to download the feedback form

Pease send any comments and feedback  by Friday 6th July.