Protected Group Engagement

NHS Salford CCG is committed to putting the voice of patients and the public at the heart of all decision-making and in the evaluation of health services.

We recognise that establishing and maintaining strong communication links with key stakeholders, including our local harder to reach communities, is key to supporting our commitment to being in touch with, and influenced by, those who need local health services.

An Engagement Framework is being embedded throughout the organisation which ensures that meaningful engagement activities are undertaken at all stages of the commissioning cycle. The framework takes into account all requirements of the Equality Act 2010. Reports from all engagement activities are produced and shared with everyone who took part in the process. The reports specifically highlight how feedback has been used and the impact it has had.

Salford Citizens' Panel and engagement with other local interest groups - including each of the protected characteristic groups, has been established to ensure that the opinions of local people help to shape local NHS services and to ensure that investments in services are targeted where they are needed most. 

Click here for further information on our current and past engagement activities and consultations. This section of our website also provides details on how to:

  • Get involved and make a difference, including how you can join eg our Salford Citizens' Panel. 
  • Raise an issue or make a formal complaint.
  • Make a compliment or suggestion. 
  • Give a general comment about services and experiences you have received.