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Salford Royal launches advanced online appointment booking service

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust (SRFT) is launching a new online patient booking and management system with technology provider DrDoctor. 

Once fully rolled out, the system is expected to be the most advanced online patient management system in the North West region.

Why is SRFT introducing this new system? 

  • To offer better patient experience and choice
  • To help reduce the number of unattended appointments
  • To help reduce the number of appointment letters
  • To help reduce waiting times


What do patients need to do? 

  • Make sure you have provided your up-to-date mobile number to SRFT so they can contact you.
  • If you do not want to use the text messaging or online system, you can continue to be contacted by letter only and can telephone the call centre to rearrange your appointment.


The service will be launched in stages:

First stage: From the end of March, patients will receive more sophisticated text messages via their mobile phone to remind them about their appointment and to give them the option to re-schedule or cancel their appointment.

The new system will replace the current text messaging system used for patient reminders. A voice reminder service will continue for those patients who prefer to use it.

Second stage: By November 2018, patients will be able to access an online patient portal by following a link included in each text message.

Once online, patients will be able to:

  • request to re-schedule or cancel their appointments
  • view location information and hospital floorplans to ensure they get to where they need to be at the right time
  • view clinic information about their upcoming appointment
  • add their appointment to their personal calendar on their phone or email calendar
  • view all upcoming appointment details in one place


Patients will continue to be able to re-schedule and cancel their appointment by text message, or over the phone.

Third stage: By April 2019 the new system will allow patients to:

  • Choose their first and follow-up appointments at a time that suits them by text message or online
  • Be offered the opportunity to be seen sooner, by opting into a service which offers short notice appointments by text message
  • Choose to receive their appointment letters online


James Sumner, Chief Officer at SRFT said: “This is a very exciting new service for Salford patients. When fully rolled out, we will have an extremely advanced online patient management facility which will empower patients to control their appointments.

 “We continue to improve patient experience by being more flexible and giving more choice. In addition, we will be reducing the number of unattended appointments, cutting waiting times and vastly reducing the number of appointment letters we send out.


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