Monitoring health services

The CCG agrees contracts with local health providers, such as NHS trusts, which set out the standard and type of care to be provided and how the CCG will pay for it. The CCG uses these contract agreements to monitor performance and bring about improvement.  In some cases, this monitoring process can mean that funding is withheld as a financial sanction if a provider does not meet the required standards.

All CCGs must publish details on their website of any financial sanctions applied to major providers of healthcare in their area for failure to achieve national standards in their contracts.  This information is made available on a quarterly basis and can be found via the links below.

The reports below include

  • The name of the provider
  • The value of the sanction applied (where sanctions for a particular standard are more than £1,000 in the reporting period)
  • How the CCG has spent, or intends to spend, the withheld funding


Quarter 1

Quarter_1_SRFT_Consequences V4.xlsx [xlsx] 18KB