Learning disabilities and Autistic Spectrum

In Salford there are more than 4,000 adults with a learning disability. About 1,000 have a moderate or severe learning disability and are registered with a GP practice. The other 3,000 have a mild learning disability and are not actively known/supported by specialist teams because they use mainstream health and social care services.


What you should expect from your GP practice:  


  • Your practice will sign up to the Learning Disabilities Directly Enhanced Service (DES)

  • Your practice will have accurate Quality Outcomes Framework Learning Disabilities registers

  • Your practice will share their register of patients with autistic spectrum conditions and thier Downs syndrome register with Salford City Council

  • If you are aged over 14 and on the Learning Disabilities (LD) register, you will be offered the LD health check and given a Health Action Plan, where appropriate

  • Your practice will provide information in a range of accessible formats

  • If you need any ‘reasonable adjustments’, e.g. longer appointment times or information in an accessible format, this will be identified and recorded

  • You will be offered access to screening initiatives

  • Your practice will take part in the ‘LD Health & Wellbeing Self-Assessment Framework’ (LD SAF)


Last reviewed March 2018.