Dementia Champions Group

Do you live in Salford and have early to moderate dementia? Would you like to have your say in supporting and shaping health and social care services in Salford?  The Dementia Champions Group is recruiting new members, and welcome their carers along with them.


The group play a key role in making sure that the views, experiences and interests of people with dementia and their carers are heard and acted upon to improve dementia service delivery for health and social care in Salford supported by the council and the CCG.


The group aims to strengthen links with all the GPs practices across Salford become representatives on Patient Participation Groups. 


If you would like to know more or have any queries please contact 0161 212 4953 or e mail


Salford Dementia Charter

(Developed by the Dementia Champion’s Group)

People with dementia or memory problems and their carers should expect the highest level of help and support. This will enable them to have the best opportunities of living well with dementia in Salford.

We will achieve this by everyone working together in whatever way we can, to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of our neighbours, friends and family to help them live well with dementia.

People of Salford with dementia or memory problems and their carer’s should expect:

  1. Help, advice and guidance from their GP
  2. Support from fully trained professionals for both the person with dementia and their carers.
  3. An early diagnosis of dementia
  4. To be involved in the writing of their support plan
  5. Access to information about the illness to be able to make informed choices and plan ahead.
  6. Access to the right level of help, support and care to live at home.
  7. A knowledgeable, sensitive “dementia key worker” to give support throughout the journey.
  8. Supportive communities and neighbourhoods.
  9. High quality care and advice if they need to go into hospital.
  10. High quality residential care that suits the individual and carers.
  11. End of life information while they are able to make decisions.
  12. Support for their family after death.

Contact Caroline Allport

Contact Caroline Allport

For more information about the Dementia Champions Group, please contact Caroline Allport on 0161 212 4953 or e mail