There are an estimated 23,400 adult carers in Salford, although only 5,800 are known. Carers often need more health and social care support because they are more likely to experience ill health and isolation because they have less time to do things many people take for granted, like spending time with friends, learning opportunities and paid employment.


Below is a summary of the standard for carers. Please click the PDF at the end of the summary to read the full explanation and additional details.  


What you should expect from your GP practice if you are a carer:  


  • Your practice will have a Carers Lead

  • There will be a carers register, which is kept up-to-date

  • All practice staff, including receptionists, will be ‘carer aware’ and have basic understanding of the available support for carers

  • If you are a carer, and not already eligible, you will be offered an annual health check

  • Your practice will have information displayed in the waiting room to help carers understand what support and information is available for them

  • You will be offered the flu vaccination every year

  • Staff will attend GP links meetings and other education/training events

  • The practice will have an electronic referral form on its system to the Salford Carers Centre

  • The practice will do a NICE screen for depression


Download the full description of Standard 5.6 Carers