Asylum seekers

People claiming asylum come from all four corners of the world and can have complex health conditions which may not be very common in this country.

Below is a summary of the standard for asylum seekers. Please click the PDF at the end of the summary to read the full explanation and additional details. 


What you should expect from your GP practice:  


  • Your practice will have a system in place to record asylum status

  • Your practice will accommodate your cultural requirements and, if applicable, offer a choice of a male or female GP

  • Your practice will use translation services if needed, ideally face-to-face

  • Once you are registered with your GP, you will be given longer appointment times (no less than 15 minutes) for the first 12 months

  • You will be referred to the specialist Mental Health of Asylum Seekers Service if you have mental health issues and not responding to standard treatments

  • Your practice will use the Asylum Seeker Guidelines to make sure all relevant data including your country of origin, first language and whether you need an interpreter

  • Your GP will be available to the Specialist Mental Health of Asylum Seekers Service when you are seen


Download full details of Standard 5.5 Asylum Seekers