Association of Greater Manchester CCGs

Working as an Association, the 12 CCGs across Greater Manchester pool ideas, expertise and resources to improve the health and wellbeing of everybody living in the conurbation.


Much of the current work through the Association is linked to the Greater Manchester health and social care reforms, including the Healthier Together programme and the devolution of health and social care responsibilities to the local health economy.


Within the Association, Salford CCG is currently the lead CCG for:

  • Centralisation of stroke care services so that all patients presenting with symptoms of a stroke are taken to one of three Greater Manchester specialist centres to be assessed and receive initial treatment.

From April 2015 this model will be in place and has the potential to save fifty lives a year.

  • Co-commissioning arrangements for neuro-rehabilitation services for patients with complex needs with NHS England Specialised Commissioning.
  • In 2014/15 Salford CCG have jointly led on the establishment of an Operational Delivery Network for neuro-rehabilitation alongside the Strategic Clinical Network.
  • Supporting Greater Manchester West NHS Mental Health Trust’s continued provision of a Rapid Alcohol Detox Acute Referral (RADAR) service for all Greater Manchester acute trusts.
  • Specialised commissioning, including working with NHS England to establish joint working arrangements and the transition of some services to CCGs. Salford CCG also represent the Association on the North West Specialised Commissioning Oversight Group


In addition to these work programmes, senior management from Salford CCG hold a number of positions within the Association including:

  • Chair of the Greater Manchester Association of CCGs
  • Chair of the Greater Manchester Heads of Commissioning group
  • Chair of the Greater Manchester Contract Steering Group