22 Too Many


In 2015, 22 people took their own life in Salford. 22 people who felt that they had no other choice. 22 people denied a future. 22 sets of family, friends and colleagues who are left behind, bereaved. 

22 preventable deaths. 

22 too many.

What are we doing in Salford?  

All public sector partners in Salford are pledging our commitment to work together to address the devastating impact that suicide has on families and communities and ensure that suicide should always be considered an avoidable occurrence. We pledge to ensure that appropriate and accessible support is available at a time of personal crisis so that people do not consider suicide as a solution to the difficulties that they face.


We have established a Suicide Prevention Partnership to develop a strategy which will identify key actions to identify how we will work together. This strategy will identify key high risk groups and contain pledges to support existing and new prevention and intervention initiatives that promote positive mental health and wellbeing.


We have established excellent and unique partnerships across the public sector in Salford where we are working together to achieve common goals, evidenced by the positive Care Quality Commission inspection of our arrangements regarding how we respond to people presenting in mental health crisis in 2015. Developing a strategy will build on these strong partnerships and clarify this collective vision and purpose and mean that we hold ourselves accountable to the people of Salford to ensure that we are doing everything we can to prevent suicide in our city.