• Have you still not
    had your flu jab?

    If you're 65 or over or you have an existing health problem, flu can be dangerous.

    That's why you're eligible for a free flu jab.

  • Are you expecting
    a baby?

    Catching flu could lead to complications.

    All pregnant women are entitled to a free flu jab.

  • Got a child
    aged 2, 3 or 4?

    Flu can be serious for young children.

    Help protect them from flu with one simple nasal spray. It's free, fast and painless.

The Salford Standard

The Salford Standard describes the level of care you should expect when you go to a GP practice in Salford.

Launched from April 2016, the aim is to make it easier to see a GP and for everyone in Salford to get the same level of service and care whichever GP practice they go to. For example, more ways to make appointments, pre-book appointments up to four weeks in advance and same day appointments based on clinical need. 

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Start Well, Live Well, Age Well

Start Well, Live Well, Age Well is the ‘blueprint’ for our health and social care. 

It explains how providers of public services in Salford - like the NHS, Salford City Council, Fire Service and Police - will work closely together with the private and voluntary sector so services work better and cost less. Put simply, it is how Salford people should be able to start, live and age well.

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